Alternative payment options

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Alternative payment options

We prefer payments via credit card or PayPal, or direct debit where applicable.

When these are not an option for you, you can transfer your donation or membership fee via (international/SEPA) bank transfers. If arranged in advance, it might be possible to pay at State of the Map events. Contact the Membership Working Group to see what is possible.

Manual (International) Bank Transfers

This process will take multiple weeks, since we need to wait for the bank statement and one of our volunteers need to process the payment manually.


  1. Make the transfer (GBP 15 for normal and associate members, any amount for a donation) using the account information below.
  2. The information we get via our bank is very limited and therefore is sometimes missing crucial information. Every time you make a payment, meaning every year for a membership even if you set up a recurring payment, fill out this form such that we can best match your payment with your account:

    € Euros (IBAN: IE25 BOFI 900033 15040822)£ Pounds (IBAN: IE75 BOFI 901394 79780001)

    Information for international bank transfer in Euros

    For memberships, £15 is roughly €18.

    • Account: OpenStreetMap Foundation
    • IBAN: IE25 BOFI 900033 15040822
    • Address of Bank: Bank of Ireland, 40 Mespil Road, Dublin 4, Ireland

    Information for bank transfer in GBP

    • Account: OpenStreetMap Foundation
    • IBAN: IE75 BOFI 901394 79780001
    • Address of Bank: Bank of Ireland, 40 Mespil Road, Dublin 4, Ireland

    Our address (if needed):

    Openstreetmap Foundation
    St John’s Innovation Centre
    Cowley Road
    CB4 0WS
    United Kingdom


    Due to popular demand, we also accept Bitcoin donations. Our address is 1J3pt9koWJZTo2jarg98RL89iJqff9Kobp. Our suppliers don’t accept Bitcoin, so we tend to convert these donations to other currencies quickly.

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