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Silhouette map of Kibera © OpenStreetMap Contributors

Thank you for your support! 

OpenStreetMap is free to use, but not free to run. We are truly grateful for donations. Any amount will go directly towards keeping OpenStreetMap strong, stable and independent.

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OpenStreetMap is run and supported by volunteers like you. With more and more people helping to make great maps, we need better, more reliable infrastructure and services to keep up with the demand.

If you enjoy using or contributing to OpenStreetMap, please consider making a donation.

The average donation is about 35€, but we are very thankful for any amount.

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Thank you for supporting a growing OpenStreetMap!

OpenStreetMap is the largest open geographic database in the world, the data infrastructure for multitudes of mapping projects around the globe. Your donation to the OpenStreetMap Foundation will cover our core operational expenses in supporting the OpenStreetMap project: hardware and hosting costs, legal fees, administrative assistant and other expenses of our working groups and administration.

We currently run extremely lean for an operation for a project the size and importance of OpenStreetMap. The OpenStreetMap Foundation relies on revenue from individual and corporate membership dues, profits generated by the annual State of the Map conferences, and donations. We must keep our income sources diversified, as these vary from year to year, but our modest needs stay the same. For this, we need your support.

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Donation FAQ

Who is receiving funds?

The OpenStreetMap Foundation will be collecting the funds.

What’s the OpenStreetMap Foundation?

The OpenStreetMap Foundation is the non-profit organisation which supports the OpenStreetMap project by maintaining its services, providing a legal structure around the project’s database, by organizing an annual conference and more. Learn more about the OpenStreetMap Foundation on

How are you spending your money? Can I see a budget?

You sure can! Our Finances overview page has more information on how we allocate our budget, and links to past income/expense and balance sheets. We invite you to peruse these and contact us with any questions you may have.

Are you a 501(c)(3)?

No. The OpenStreetMap Foundation is a UK-registered not-for-profit organisation that supports the OpenStreetMap Project. It is not a 501(c)(3) in the sense of the Internal Revenue Code of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What else can we do to support OpenStreetMap?

Join us! Aside from funds to upgrade our hardware what we need most are people. Whatever your background – technical or not – you can help OpenStreetMap. Here are just a few of the many possible ways to get more involved:

For individuals:

If you have contributed data to OpenStreetMap, or time to helping organise mapping activities: thank you for everything you’ve already done!

OpenStreetMap only survives because of the work put in by thousands of hard-working and selfless volunteer contributors. If you are one of these people, then you are already doing a great thing for the project.

If you would like to do more, then you can:

  • Join the Foundation and support the body which supports (but doesn’t control) the project. By being a part of the Foundation, your voice can be heard in discussions about how the Foundation is run.
  • Join a Working Group and give your time to solving those issues which require greater commitment. Being on a Working Group, as the name suggests, is hard work and requires diligence, but can make a huge difference to the project.
  • Donate money here. Whatever you can spare will be gratefully received and put towards services necessary for the continued growth and success of the project.

For companies:

Whether you use OpenStreetMap data in your products and services, or are just interested in helping, corporate sponsorship of OpenStreetMap events and hardware helps the project to keep going and be inclusive.

If your company would like to help the project grow and succeed, then you can:

  • Join the Foundation as a corporate member. Your support of the Foundation will be greatly appreciated and publicly lauded.
  • Donate time. Some of your employees might jump at the chance to be more involved with OSM, so why not give them a “20% time” to join a Working Group or contribute time to a project which helps OSM?
  • Donate money here. Any contribution will help and is gratefully received.

How can I donate more? What if I have more questions?

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Silhouette map of Kibera © OpenStreetMap Contributors

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